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Here’s How to Choose the Best School District for Your Kids


As a parent, you will be forced to grapple with choice of a school district in which to enroll your kids. Picking the right school district will assure your kids of greater academic and career success. The problem is that the proceeds of choosing a school district can be stressful. But that is only if you go about it in the wrong way. In this write up, we will show you exactly how to choose the best school district for your kids. Read on for more information.

Test Scores

Just how do you tell if your kids are likely to succeed in a particular school district? This standardized test scores are a good indicator of quality education. If the test scores are high enough, you will be sure of your kids succeeding if you enroll them there. But also look at other indicators like the number of students enrolled in the district or lunch price subsidy.

Level of Technology Use

How much has the school district provided in the classroom? If it is to a good extent, then it is an indication of how much they are willing to invest in schools within the district. But most importantly, check out how the district is using the technology. Is it a replacement for the teachers? Where technology is in use, it should only complement the teacher’s work, not replace them.

Teacher Happiness

You don’t want to enroll your kids in a district where the teachers look miserable. Apart from receiving pay at competitive rates, the teachers need to work in a conducive environment. Things to look out for include the state of the classrooms and textbooks. If the facilities are dilapidated chances are that the teachers will be happy at their work.

Number of Certified Teachers

Check out school ranking sites for stats on the number of certified teachers per school and who have at least three years’ experience. After all, the best teachers are those who are trained and certified. Experienced teachers know they students better, have a deeper understanding of the content, and know how to work together with the rest of the staff.

District Leadership Stability

Do a quick Google search of the name of the school district superintendent and that of the president of the school board. Check out on the length of the time they have been in leadership. The least length of time they should have served is five years and over. If there is a high turnover of school district superintendents, that is a red flag.

The District’s Diversity

You kids should enroll in a district which practices diversity. When they learn together with other kids who look different than them, students tend to gain more. They appreciate the world better and grow into socially adjusted individuals.

Availability of Extracurricular Activities

Educating your kids shouldn’t be all about academic pursuit. Find out the additional activities offered by the school district. Your kids need all-round growth and development and additional activities to remain occupied after school hours.


Now you know how to choose the best school district for your kids. The school district you choose should tick all the right boxes. You want to be sure that your kids get the best education you can afford. Just do not compromise!

Tell us why you chose your kid’s school district and what other factors informed your decision.

How to Know What Baby Carrier is Best for You and Your Baby

Baby carriers are available today in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns, which of course have been designed to diversify the utility and needs. You will want one that is rugged, easy to use, and not too bulky and lightweight. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the best baby carrier is that you and your baby are comfortable and that your baby is secured and protected in a safe and sturdy carrier.

Look at the Baby’s Age and Weight

There are also a number of factors that decide which baby carrier is perfect for you and your baby. Among the factors, you should consider is the weight and age of your baby. There are some carriers that specify the recommended weight of babies. You must make sure that the carrier you choose can support your baby’s weight. You should also consider how long the carrier will continue to be of use. As babies gain weight you should ensure you get enough life out of the carrier but ensure your baby is currently not small enough to fall through any gaps in the carrier until they reach the designated weight.

The Fabric of the Carrier

When you review your options, feel the fabric of the carriers. Make sure they feel soft and light and that air can also pass through. This is so your baby does not sweat too much or overheat while they are inside.

Look at the Types

There are different types of baby carriers. They can be summarized into slings, front bag, baby backpack, bags, and wrappings. These adhere to the father’s shoulders and hip while supporting the baby’s full weight.

Consider the Sling

The sling looks like a shawl wrapped around the father’s body, with the baby inside. No buckles or straps, just cloth. It is usually made of 100% organic cotton, which makes it lighter and simpler in design. There should be no tension in the hips or back. The carrier passes over one shoulder and it can be adjusted with rings. This is the perfect option if you have a problem with your back, neck or hips.

Look at the Bag

The bag is a baby carrier that is quite similar to a baby carrier, however, you can not adjust a bag. This is worn on of your shoulders. If you have neck, back or hip problems this will not be a good option since the bag cannot be adjusted and it is very important that it fits well.

Get a Front Carrier

The luggage backpack is very famous for babies because it can take your baby from the front and you can look at it all the time when your baby grows gradually. Your hands are totally free and you can do anything. The child is protected within this secure carrier. If you have back problems this may not be the best carrier for you.

Weight Distribution

Once your child grows up, the baby backpack may be easier for you as they distribute your child’s weight more evenly on your back instead of concentrating on your shoulders. Your baby should be able to sit alone before riding in a backpack.


Baby carriers must be fully adjustable, strong and durable. They should allow different transport positions, provide great comfort, and reduce neck and back pain. The carrier should include an adjustable harness for the safety of the children, a headrest or cushion and a comfortable padded shoulder strap or hip belt that will offer the maximum comfort.

I’m sure you guys have a favorite baby carrier you’ve used with success. Please tell us about it by sending us an email.

Back-to-School — From Teaching Overseas Back to Her Classroom

teaching overseasBack from summer vacation, a teacher at one of the schools in our district is back from teaching students overseas.  Molly Thacker– or as her second graders call  her, Mrs. Thacker– is back from her trip from Spain, in which she taught children over her summer vacation.  By participating in the CIEE Teach Abroad Program, Mrs. Thacker was able to take her talents overseas and help children learn English.

Her adventure to Spain started at the beginning of June and she returned to our area at the end of July.  “Even only being in Spain for a little over a month, it was a wonderful experience,” she told us.  Below is an interview we conducted for this blog with Mrs. Thacker.

CUSDCCP: What stood out to the most during your visit to Spain?

Mrs. Thacker: Besides the tourist attractions, and nice people all around, what was striking for me, as a teacher, was meeting and bonding with all the children!  I loved going in to class every day and helping them, and answering their questions about specific concerns that had with the English language.  They are very inquisitive individuals, and really fun to be around.  Though, I might say that I might’ve learned more from them teaching me, than me teaching them!

CUSDCCP: Where did you stay at in Spain?

Mrs. Thacker: For this program, we stayed in Madrid, Spain and it was absolutely fascinating!  I just love that city.

CUSDCCP: How did the children respond to your teaching style?

Mrs. Thacker: For the most part, they were very responsive and I believe they were quickly able to learn the techniques.  When I was first applying for the program, it was important for me to have some flexibility with my teaching style, and my advisor assured me that there were be opportunities to explore new teaching methods.

For example, an unconventional approach we used to learn spelling was to review car magnets, believe it or not!  Being prepared with a pile full of car magnets, we handed those out around the classroom, and quizzed each other on how to pronounce the sayings and advertisements, along with understanding the underlying meanings with the magnets.

In addition, we used flashcards quite a bit which helped to provide a more structured approach to their learning.

CUSDCCP: Wonderful!  How did students respond to you living in USA?

Mrs. Thacker: Most of the children were familiar with our country, and there were several questions about, “what is it like living in the United States”, “what’s it like living in California”, etc.  Basically, just common questions.  But, it did help to establish rapport and build trust with the class as we had teaching assignments to focus on during the trip.

CUSDCCP: Do you plan to apply any new teaching methods for your class this school year?

Mrs. Thacker: I do!  Besides getting some souvenirs in Spain, which I plan to give to my class this year, I also picked up some interesting techniques from the other expats that were teaching at the same school in Spain.  We will see how effective those techniques are as I implement them this year!

CUSDCCP: Sounds great!  Maybe we can do a follow-up interview with you at the end of the year?

Mrs. Thacker: Of course!

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Mrs. Thacker and enlighten you on some of her experiences while in Spain this past summer.  Stay tuned for our upcoming updates here on the blog!


Ten Things That You Should Know About Child Airplane Travel Harnesses

Most of the child restraint systems used when flying with a child double up as car seats. The safety harness is the only non-car seat restraint system that has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This safety harness has an extra belt that has a shoulder harness. This secures your child’s upper body since it winds around the seat. The FAA approval is crucial because, with it, you can be sure that you will not encounter any problems with any airlines over the harnesses when boarding a plane.


Not All Carseats are FAA Approved

Being that some of the car seats are not FAA approved, you can be denied the right to use them on board the plane. If it does not have the government approved badge, you may have to check it in as luggage. Some airlines can deny you the permission to use the FAA approved car seats in planes in some instances. This makes the safety harness a better choice. The FAA urges all guardians to ensure that the children they are traveling with are restrained within a child restraint system (CRS).


The airplane safety harness is designed to be used by children, who have to be put in their own seats on the plane. Be sure to ask your airline company for discounted fares to secure a ticket for your child. These seats should be adjacent to each other. You do not want to find yourself seated all the way along the aisle from your child.


On the seat arrangement issue, airline companies prefer the harness be used in the seat nearest the window or the seat by the window. The harness should not be used in the exit row, so as not to block the path in case of an emergency.


Requirements for a Proper FAA Approved Child Restraint System

For maximum safety, the harness should be used for children weighing from as low as 22 pounds to as high as 44 pounds. They should also be shorter or equal to 40 inches in height. The child should fall within these parameters. These harnesses are only designed for use on planes and not in vehicles. The child should be able to sit upright on their own without support. You should make sure you read the instructions and understand them. The language is simple enough to ensure everyone can understand. This is the only way you can ensure that the harness is fastened and your child is safe. The harness has four points on its restraint mechanism. This is definitely more secure than the regular restraints, which have belts that go over the child’s lap. If you use the airlines often with your children, consider buying one of these for yourself. A CARES safety harness, for example, can be bought for little over $75 . For those who rarely go on flights, you can rent one for much less.


It is also less bulky compared to bringing the car seat on board the plane. You can fit in a small snack bag with other kids’ toys and snacks. They are easy to install and uninstall and repack. Using the flight harnesses have proven much safer than other methods of in-flight safety for your children. Maybe airlines will provide them for passengers in the future. Currently, the next time you are considering bringing your child on a plane with you, having a flight harness will be a better choice.

Proven Ways to Help Kids Make New Friends

Socializing is an essential part of humanity since the dawn of time. This is the only reason, for our survival in the harsh environment which was back then mother Earth. That is why, it is more than important to convey the teachings of socializing to the future generations, because this is what legacy is all about. If we remain distant and secluded from all others no matter of our age, we are bound to feel lonely and forgotten. So today I will give you some helpful advice on how to make your children more social and adaptive in terms of his surroundings with their future friends and comrades.

Let us start from the basics. How to influence your child, unconsciously (yes I mean unconsciously not subconsciously because those are entirely different terms) in the early stages of it’s development. We will seek the council of none other than Sigmund Freud. According to him there are 5 stages of development throughout human life, which are the following: oral, anal, phallic, latent, genital. We will talk about he latent stage, because in it the child’s primal impulses gravitate towards concepts such as friendships, education and hobbies. This is around the age of 5 or 6 and continues until puberty. The energy of the child is channeled into acquiring knowledge and improving skills in all sorts of different areas. This is the time when the parents should put an emphasis on the socializing part, by instructing their child to go out and play with at least one other child, while at the same time constructing ideas such as sharing, patience (for example when taking turns in certain games).

A wise parent should never fright at the sight of his child, getting in some sort of a scuffle with other children, because the mind of a young ling is innocuous and pure. They will always settle their differences in favor of the fun time and games, that is why children have the potential to establish the most honest and real relationships, in comparison to most adults. It is so easy because the child does not overthink, it only feels thus it will always come back and forgive others transgressions.

Risks should be partaken, there is no need for parents to be overly-protective of their children. They should give them freedom, to go out in front of the house or take them for a walk in the park or playgrounds so that they can meet others and form meaningful bonds. Another helpful idea is that of children’s parties, this is usually arranged by the mother and other children are invited. This way, the child learn to share it’s own with others and get used to the fact that it is good to be generous and hospitable.

Later in the years when the child starts going to school, arrangements with the teachers should be made. Teachers also play essential role in the development of the social skills of a child, because the teacher is there to unite the class and play the role of keeper of peace, this is achieved if the teacher has understanding of each child’s preferences and interests, this way the teacher will form a team with your child and others, according to the interests.

In conclusion, children have the potential of forming bonds by themselves, but never is a little push unnecessary. Parents should supervise their children and lend them a hand in times of need, but socializing is generally embedded in both our biological programming and spiritual necessity. Everything will fall into place naturally, given enough time and space!

How to ensure your children are happy and healthy

A healthy child is a happy child, parents play a key role in their children’s health. Here are five ways of raising a child who is not only healthy and happy, but of sound mind.

1. Reduce your child’s sugar intake. Excessive sugar intake can be harmful to your child and can cause health problems like obesity and even tooth decay. It is important to set lower guidelines for your children’s sugar consumption, which I know is not an easy task. Do not entirely forbid them, but try controlling it and that is why you need to be creative. Look for ways to encourage them to eat healthy snacks.

2. Make sure they get enough sleep. Lack of enough sleep in children causes forgetfulness, irritability, difficulties in understanding, and low motivation. Evidently enough sleep is a key factor for your child to succeed in school. Sleep promotes growth. You can also help your child to sleep by reading them a bedtime story, This will give them a conducive environment to sleep and they will also be looking forward to another bedtime story. Lack of sleep causes childhood obesity. Children need sound sleep to always have a sound mind.

3. Give them undivided attention. Spend time with your child as often as possible and if you have a tight schedule make sure you squeeze some time for your child. This makes them feel more important and loved, which raises their self-confidence, Having a one-on-one talk strengthens the bond between you, Use this time to know your child’s weaknesses and strengths. Give them undivided attention. No phones, no watching tv. Allow them to speak more and do not use this time to discipline them.

4. Teach them to manage their emotions. Teach you child how to manage their emotions and set limits on their feelings. Managing ones emotions is not easy even in adults and that is why we need to start nurturing them while they are still young, Start by making them understand all kinds of emotions like anger, laughter and that it is natural to feel them. They should know how to control their feelings and find a way to calm down without tantrums, You can suggest maybe blowing balloons, going to a quiet place, or drinking a glass of cold water or any other form of distraction to help them calm down.

5. Exercise. Regular exercise with healthy eating habits has many benefits both physically and health-wise, Obesity has become a serious problem in children, which comes with serious health problems. It is good to involve your child in outdoor games, Make this a routine and explain to them the benefits of regular exercise so that they may not see it as a punishment, but as a way of life.

These are the health benefits of physical exercise:

– Stronger muscles and bones

– Less likely to become overweight

– Stronger immune system

– Improved mental health

– Reduce the risk of becoming diabetic.


There are so many ways that parents can promote that their children be happy and healthy, but above all parents should involve themselves in their children’s activities because they are the holders of their children’s success.

Ways to Deal With a Bully

Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well. I’m going to talk about bullying today. It’s a really serious topic and I don’t take it lightly. The reason I’m talking about it is that I’ve heard recently from a family member that they were being bullied. Bullying can take many forms, whether you’re being isolated or called names or people are spreading rumors. I took some time to really educate myself on this topic and really make sure that I’m passing along useful tips to give you guys about how to deal with bullies.

The Bully Is Hurting and Wants to Share Their Pain

The thing to realize about a bully is a bully is just someone who is hurt. They are a person who is taking their frustrations out on you and it goes back to an old saying that says “hurt people hurt people.” That’s all a bully is, someone who is hurt who is hurting others. So anytime someone is purposefully hurting you or bullying you or hating on you realize that it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with the bully and the hurting paying that they’re going through. Don’t take it personally and feel like there’s something wrong with you. If anything you should be flattered because the bully is going to pick on someone who they see as a threat. In essence the bully is saying “Hey, you have a lot going for yourself you have something that I admire so I’m going to pick on you and bring you down to my level.” That’s all it is. The bully sees something good in you so you can take that as a bittersweet complement. I’m not just saying that you should befriend them, get out of harm’s way. What I am saying is that it has nothing to do with you.

Find Someone To Talk To

Another thing that I suggest is to get a close support group so if you have a close friend that you can trust or a close adult or relative, talk to them. I understand the hesitation of talking to someone for fear of escalating the matters but if you can, find someone that you can really trust or who can walk around with you where the bully situation occurs.

Remember that violence never solves anything. Never pay back their hate with more hate. That’s only going to do two things.

Number 1: it’s going to make things worse. All they’re going to do is get more angry and come back at you more aggressively

Number 2: It brings you down to their level you want to maintain your character and maintain your integrity. If it’s a non-life threatening situation or if it’s not physical just try your best.

I know it’s hard, but try to live your life. Try to be happy so they believe that they can’t affect you and that they’re not getting to you. If there’s something that you love to do just keep doing it. Don’t stop doing what you love to do. Don’t ever let a threat of a person keep you from doing what you like to do. I don’t care if they’re isolating you, I don’t care if they’re discouraging you or calling you names you keep doing what you like to do. Show that bully that they are not affecting you. That’s all they’re after, is your response.. The good news is you will develop a thicker skin.

Don’t Stop Doing What You Enjoy

I got picked on when I was in school. People made fun of my nose. I remember this one bully in sixth grade they used to pick on me so bad I came home crying, I woke up crying. I hated going to school. Even here online, I get negative comments about my articles and about how I’m a loser. I will never let negative comments keep me from writing articles because I work to encourage you guys and that is what’s most important to me. Encouraging you guys means more than any negative comment that I can ever get. You can’t pay back evil by doing evil. You should only pay back evil by doing good.

Stand Up For Yourself

Now here’s when things get really difficult. As much as I’d like to say to just ignore the bully, there will come a time when you will have to stand up for yourself. Bullies are like predators. They smell fear they sense insecurities. To stand up for yourself you’re going to have to dilute the situation. You’re going to have to call the bully out. If they’re calling you names if they’re picking on you, turn this situation around. Stand tall, shoulders back. Say “I’m sorry, are you having a bad day?” Try not to get intimidated and don’t get angry or emotional because that’s what they want. Your greatest bet is to act unaffected. If it gets physical or verbally abusive or gets life-threatening get an adult involved immediately.

I really hope this helps you out. I’ve been through these situations before and this has helped me. Just remember it’s not you, it’s the bully and your best bet is to feel sorrow for them and to not take it personally.

Carpinteria Residents — We hear You!

Children are truly our future we must support one another and provide a environment where they can flourish in the world.

Our school district is continually rolling out new programs for the children in our district so they may have a brighter future, and though there are challenges ahead of us, we can always trust our teachers and our faculty for providing an environment that is supportive for our children’s future.

Each year we evaluate our curriculum to ensure that we are providing the most capable of our pupils so they can prosper in the world of not only today, but Tomorrow’s World.  With technology and improved instruction, we can always ensure that our faculty is provided the most resourceful tools and equipment to help our children thrive in the world.

We are always looking for new ideas and we are accomplishing our mission as our goals expand, and our district improves our existing programs.  With programs happening from kindergarten to 12th grade, our children are continually finding themselves more and more equipped with the right tools that colleges and future employers require of such people of the next generation.

Whenever you are questioning whether or not our district is providing adequate service to support our young people, you will know that our faculty is providing the most useful tools for the children in our district.  Whenever you are considering sponsoring our district or by providing your insights for our community, the people you are relying upon are well-suited and capable for providing and encouraging learning environment for students of all ages within our district.

Our district is continuously looking to improve our abilities to provide a warm and welcoming environment for students across our school system, and we know that our abilities to execute winning school programs relies on you.  If you would like to provide your own ideas and support feel free to contact us today

Direction for This Blog

The Carpinteria Community is wonderful, and we would like to highlight some of the figures in our community which makes this a wonderful place to live.  Our children continue to rise and be provided with unprecedented opportunities, and it’s residents like you, who make all the difference.

The direction for our blog will be two-fold.  Our internal team will provide you with updates within the community, and we will offer you an opportunity to provide your perspective by posting on this blog.

If you would like to get started, please contact the webmaster and tell us more about your ideal perspective to help the Carpinteria community.

And to send you off, here’s a little fun from our talent show last year (can you believe it’s been that long?!).  Do you remember this?