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How to ensure your children are happy and healthy

A healthy child is a happy child, parents play a key role in their children’s health. Here are five ways of raising a child who is not only healthy and happy, but of sound mind.

1. Reduce your child’s sugar intake. Excessive sugar intake can be harmful to your child and can cause health problems like obesity and even tooth decay. It is important to set lower guidelines for your children’s sugar consumption, which I know is not an easy task. Do not entirely forbid them, but try controlling it and that is why you need to be creative. Look for ways to encourage them to eat healthy snacks.

2. Make sure they get enough sleep. Lack of enough sleep in children causes forgetfulness, irritability, difficulties in understanding, and low motivation. Evidently enough sleep is a key factor for your child to succeed in school. Sleep promotes growth. You can also help your child to sleep by reading them a bedtime story, This will give them a conducive environment to sleep and they will also be looking forward to another bedtime story. Lack of sleep causes childhood obesity. Children need sound sleep to always have a sound mind.

3. Give them undivided attention. Spend time with your child as often as possible and if you have a tight schedule make sure you squeeze some time for your child. This makes them feel more important and loved, which raises their self-confidence, Having a one-on-one talk strengthens the bond between you, Use this time to know your child’s weaknesses and strengths. Give them undivided attention. No phones, no watching tv. Allow them to speak more and do not use this time to discipline them.

4. Teach them to manage their emotions. Teach you child how to manage their emotions and set limits on their feelings. Managing ones emotions is not easy even in adults and that is why we need to start nurturing them while they are still young, Start by making them understand all kinds of emotions like anger, laughter and that it is natural to feel them. They should know how to control their feelings and find a way to calm down without tantrums, You can suggest maybe blowing balloons, going to a quiet place, or drinking a glass of cold water or any other form of distraction to help them calm down.

5. Exercise. Regular exercise with healthy eating habits has many benefits both physically and health-wise, Obesity has become a serious problem in children, which comes with serious health problems. It is good to involve your child in outdoor games, Make this a routine and explain to them the benefits of regular exercise so that they may not see it as a punishment, but as a way of life.

These are the health benefits of physical exercise:

– Stronger muscles and bones

– Less likely to become overweight

– Stronger immune system

– Improved mental health

– Reduce the risk of becoming diabetic.


There are so many ways that parents can promote that their children be happy and healthy, but above all parents should involve themselves in their children’s activities because they are the holders of their children’s success.