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How to Know What Baby Carrier is Best for You and Your Baby

Baby carriers are available today in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns, which of course have been designed to diversify the utility and needs. You will want one that is rugged, easy to use, and not too bulky and lightweight. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the best baby carrier is that you and your baby are comfortable and that your baby is secured and protected in a safe and sturdy carrier.

Look at the Baby’s Age and Weight

There are also a number of factors that decide which baby carrier is perfect for you and your baby. Among the factors, you should consider is the weight and age of your baby. There are some carriers that specify the recommended weight of babies. You must make sure that the carrier you choose can support your baby’s weight. You should also consider how long the carrier will continue to be of use. As babies gain weight you should ensure you get enough life out of the carrier but ensure your baby is currently not small enough to fall through any gaps in the carrier until they reach the designated weight.

The Fabric of the Carrier

When you review your options, feel the fabric of the carriers. Make sure they feel soft and light and that air can also pass through. This is so your baby does not sweat too much or overheat while they are inside.

Look at the Types

There are different types of baby carriers. They can be summarized into slings, front bag, baby backpack, bags, and wrappings. These adhere to the father’s shoulders and hip while supporting the baby’s full weight.

Consider the Sling

The sling looks like a shawl wrapped around the father’s body, with the baby inside. No buckles or straps, just cloth. It is usually made of 100% organic cotton, which makes it lighter and simpler in design. There should be no tension in the hips or back. The carrier passes over one shoulder and it can be adjusted with rings. This is the perfect option if you have a problem with your back, neck or hips.

Look at the Bag

The bag is a baby carrier that is quite similar to a baby carrier, however, you can not adjust a bag. This is worn on of your shoulders. If you have neck, back or hip problems this will not be a good option since the bag cannot be adjusted and it is very important that it fits well.

Get a Front Carrier

The luggage backpack is very famous for babies because it can take your baby from the front and you can look at it all the time when your baby grows gradually. Your hands are totally free and you can do anything. The child is protected within this secure carrier. If you have back problems this may not be the best carrier for you.

Weight Distribution

Once your child grows up, the baby backpack may be easier for you as they distribute your child’s weight more evenly on your back instead of concentrating on your shoulders. Your baby should be able to sit alone before riding in a backpack.


Baby carriers must be fully adjustable, strong and durable. They should allow different transport positions, provide great comfort, and reduce neck and back pain. The carrier should include an adjustable harness for the safety of the children, a headrest or cushion and a comfortable padded shoulder strap or hip belt that will offer the maximum comfort.

I’m sure you guys have a favorite baby carrier you’ve used with success. Please tell us about it by sending us an email.